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Fluke Til Ya Puke
Fluke Til Ya Puke

2018 Tournament Winners

2018 13th Annual Fluke Til Ya Puke Tournament Results

We would like to thank everyone that participated in the 2018 Fluke Til ya Puke Tournament! 1632 Registered Anglers participated this year, making it the biggest yet! We hope everyone had a great time and we look forward to seeing you all again next year at the 2019 Fluke Til Ya Puke!

Here are this years winners...

1st Place William Biletzke 11.4 lb. Fluke $5,000
2nd Place Mike Sadowski 9.84 lb. Fluke Tackle
3rd Place Garrett Weir 9.56 lb. Fluke Tackle

1st Place High Stakes Calcutta Emily Rae 11.4 lb. Fluke$9,650
2nd Place High Stakes Calcutta Reel EZ 9.84 lb. Fluke$5,790
3rd Place High Stakes Calcutta Reel EZ 9.56 lb. Fluke$3,860

"Big 3" Biggest 3 Fluke per boat Calcutta - Reel EZ - 27.92 lb. - $5,760

Shit Fish Calcutta - Paul Cunniff - 110.18 lb. Atlantic Torpedo - $8,320

Bluefish - Jeff Pracella - $7,370

1st Place Women's Division Kristin Vine 7.24 lb. Fluke $500
2nd Place Women's Division Darlene Capozzi 6.32 lb. Fluke Tackle
3rd Place Women's Division Nicole Ledoux 6.26 lb. Fluke Tackle

1st Place Kayak Division John Mariotti 5.34 lb. Fluke $500
2nd Place Kayak Division Corey Pelletier 4.48 lb. Fluke Tackle
3rd Place Kayak Division Mike Kelly 4.10 lb. Fluke Tackle

1st Place Junior Angler Patrice Novak 5.90 lb. Fluke Tackle
2nd Place Junior Angler Vincent Deledda 5.44 lb. Fluke Tackle
3rd Place Junior Angler Alexa Pesarik Tackle

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