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Canyon Fishing
Like us on FacebookWhat are the Canyons? Why do we go there? It's easy: Tuna, Marlin, Dolphin, Wahoo, Swordfish, Whales, Sharks, etc., etc., etc. All of the greatest Gamefish that exist are caught in the Northeast Canyons! Where the continental shelf meets the briny deep, these fish come to feed. Especially when a warm water eddy from the Gulf Stream makes its way over the drop where the depth goes from 100 fathoms to 500 fathoms and more. This eddy carries pods of hungry Gamefish that find lots of food at the edge of and on top of the continental shelf.

In addition, the sights and the scenery are absolutely fabulous. During the day, the amount of sea life encountered can only be rivaled by that of a National Geographic documentary! At night, you can see more stars than you can count, and sometimes the lights from the boats on the edge give the illusion of a small city. Crystal Clear water that has 100-foot visibility contains all types of sea life that swim up next to the boat to visit.

But the most exciting thing of all, the most compelling reason to fish the Canyons is the anticipation and expectation of the greatest adventure of your fishing career!

From the very first moment that you get lines in the water, you can sense the presence of a large hungry fish that awaits your bait or lure. You try to anticipate the strike which comes out of nowhere with the tremendous speed and power of your unseen adversary that is jumping and thrashing in the trolling spread, or beyond the illumination of the spreader lights. But no matter how well you try to imagine this strike, the real thing is ten times better than what you thought it would be. And the fight is tougher than you imagined, and when the fish comes into view, you find it hard to believe your eyes. Wow!

temperature chart
click on the above chart for a larger view...
swimming with a whale shark
One of our customers swimming with a whale shark
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The Big Game crew does their home work!!! We subscribe to a service that provides up the minute sea surface temperature chart readings. So we can match the warm water eddys and temperature breaks right on top of the structure (Continental Shelf). This means, less time driving around trying to find the fish and more time catching! We know where the fish are going to be!

Our Canyon fishing methods range from trolling, to light action jigging and casting, as well as chunking and drifting live baits. All methods of fishing produce well depending on the time of the day or night and the conditions.

One thing that we pride ourselves on is our success rate at the Canyons. Our canyon trips consistently catch! From Yellowfin, Big Eye and Albacore Tuna, to White and Blue Marlin, Wahoo, Mako Sharks, Mahi Mahi, and Swordfish, our trips yield a mixed bag of species to catch and bring home to the dinner table! We are rigged and ready to fish for any situation that arises at the canyons!

The Big Game crew wants all of our customers to have a fun and memorable canyon fishing trip of a lifetime! We will be totally up-front and honest with you if the bite is not happening, conditions aren't right or if the weather might affect the trip. The last thing we want to do is bring you for an expensive boat ride! If the conditions aren't right, we will let you know and give you the option to reschedule or downgrade to an inshore trip.

This is not a casual fishing trip. You will be traveling out to sea 85 - 100 miles or more. Be prepared! Our Canyon trips run from 18 - 30 hours depending on the trip. Bring food and drinks to last the duration of the trip. Bring warm clothes for the night bite and a change of clothes. For overnight trips, bring a pillow, blanket or a sleeping bag.

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