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Fluke Til Ya Puke Fishing Tournament

2017 12th Annual Fluke Til Ya Puke Tournament Results   2016 Results
2015 Results
2014 Results
Thank you to the 1116 registered anglers, and the people and sponsors that made the event happen!
See you all again in 2018!
1st PlaceBrian Hunt 10.7 lb. Fluke$5,000
2nd PlaceAndre Ledoux 9.45 lb. Fluke
3rd PlaceChris Young 9.2 lb. Fluke

1st Place High Stakes CalcuttaBrian hunt 10.7 lb. Fluke$6,950
2nd Place High Stakes CalcuttaAndre Ledoux 9.45 lb. Fluke$4,170
3rd Place High Stakes CalcuttaChris Young 9.2 lb. Fluke$2,780

1st Place Shit Fish Calcutta - Charlie Woodman - 17.35 lb. Dog fish - $5,250

"Big 3" Biggest 3 Fluke per boat Calcutta - 22.95 lb. - Scales & Fins - $3,900

Biggest Seabass Calcutta - Dave Boise - 5.1 lb. - $4,490

Food Bank Donation Prize - Booked Off - 69 lbs. of Fluke
Winner of 11 Ft. Inflatable with 4 stroke Yamaha outboard

1st Place Women's DivisionApril Hawkins 7.30 lb. Fluke$200
2nd Place Women's DivisionBobbette Clapsadle7.0 lb. Fluke
3rd Place Women's DivisionCarolyn Campbell 6.55 lb. Fluke

1st Place Kayak DivisionJose Negron 5.35 lb. Fluke$500
2nd Place Kayak DivisionHowie Hague3.9 lb. Fluke
3rd Place Kayak DivisionCorey Pelletier 3.85 lb. Fluke

1st Place Junior AnglerBreeana Bettencourt 7.55 lb. Fluke
2nd Place Junior AnglerJake Louzon6.25 lb. Fluke
3rd Place Junior AnglerChristopher Calabrese 6.10 lb. Fluke

Fin-Nor Raymarine
Quantum Gibbs Lures
Skurge of thre Sea Xtra Tuf
Crafty One Grundens

Captain Brian Bacon(401) 243 - 7046
Captain Peter Bacon(401) 623 - 0353
Captain Shamus Mara   (401) 489 - 0631
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